Restaurant & Beach Bar

Meet The Chef

Meet Terrazzo’s Chef Patron, Silvio Grech Gozitan born and raised, Chef Silvio is making waves amongst Gozo’s finest chefs. Small town chef with big city attitude our Chef Patron continues to be a leader and pioneer in the culinary arts through his innovative concepts and experimental, divine dishes. His creative element is what sets him ahead of the game. His culinary journey began at a very young age when he would often witness his grandparent’s primary form of communicating their love through food and he honours these inspirational individuals who directly introduced him to his devotion to cooking for others. Being a young and shy, yet resilient dishwasher at age 13 was what aided Chef Silvio to learn valuable lessons that would be the foundation of his career. Having enrolled himself in culinary school was what provided Grech with various experiences in different settings and allowed him to further extend his gourmet education. Prior to joining Terrazzo, Grech headed some of Gozo’s most distinguished kitchens.

Local Farm-to-Table

Foraged locally, our ingredients are fresh and close to home. This allows our patrons to diner and enjoy a fully immersive local cuisine experience.