Terrazzo Restaurant overlooking Xlendi cliffs
Terrazzo indoor dining room with sea views

Spectacular sunset views, tantalizing food, and a meticulously selected immersive cocktail experience.

Our elite team of gourmet experts invites you to a mouthwatering experience composed of fresh produce conscientiously selected for each individually presented blue-ribbon dish on the menu. Carefully crafted by food enthusiasts for food enthusiasts, our menu indulges your senses to a craving-satisfied feel. With a newly revamped feel in an ultimate beachfront local, Terrazzo strives to strike a remarkable experience and present a unique concept with a modern twist to all its patrons.


Enjoy an array of dishes and flavours artfully prepared using locally foraged ingredients.

Platter food



12:00 – 02:00
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Facing the first tower built on the island of Gozo, the Xlendi Tower, our Restaurant and Beach Bar invites you to a blissful island experience completed with an optimal sunset setting backdrop. Located in the delightful sea inlet in the heart of Xlendi Bay, Terrazzo elevates Gozo’s bar and dining scene to new heights of elegance.

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